On July 6, at a press conference, the Youth Initiative for Human Rights presented the results of the research “The Problem of Reconciliation in the Western Balkans – Public Opinion Survey in Montenegro” . The activity was organized within the project “No impunity for the past”, whose donors are the European Union and the Ministry of Public Administration.The survey was conducted in the period from May 10 to June 2, on a sample of 1100 respondents.
The research generally showed a low level of knowledge and interest of Montenegrin citizens in the topics of war crimes that took place on our territory during the 1990s. What is especially worrying is the fact that young people are very poorly informed, and that this information was reduced to the stories of the elderly.
About 26% of respondents believe that foreign forces are to blame for the events and conflicts of the 1990s, 23% believe that nationalism is to blame on all sides, every fifth citizen believes that the political elites who started the wars are responsible, while the smallest number of respondents 9.4 % blames Serbia and Serbian nationalism. The research also showed that the largest number of citizens believe that the peoples of the former Yugoslavia have not yet reconciled in the right way, and that the perpetrators of the events of 30 years ago were mostly not responsible for that.

You can read the entire research HERE.

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