On November 4, in the Information and Documentation Center, we held a meeting with Lidija Vukčević – Prosecutor in the Special State Prosecutor’s Office, Nerma Dobardžić – Deputy Protector of Human Rights and Freedoms, Edin Koljenovic – Head of the Regional Youth Cooperation Office (RYCO) in Montenegro, Rifat Fejzic – Reis of the Islamic Community, and Boris Raonic – member of the IDC Council. In this way, we marked the 70th anniversary of the European Convention on Human Rights. The meeting was of informative and consultative character in order to develop further cooperation.

All the guests welcomed the opening and existence of such a center in terms of its contribution to reconciliation and dealing with the past in Montenegro. Ms Lidija Vukčević stated that the Special Prosecutor’s Office remains open for cooperation with the Center. She pointed out that she certainly believes that not enough has been done regarding the processing of war crimes and that she hopes that this situation will change, bearing in mind that war crimes cases do not become obsolete. Mr Koljenović expressed satisfaction with the opening of the center, especially bearing in mind that RYCO organization deals with issues of reconciliation in the region, placing emphasis on young people. Therefore, he promised that for all the future activities and projects, RYCO will have in mind the visit and cooperation with IDC, which is in favor of the goals and aspirations of this organization. According to Reis Fejzic, this is a very important Center for all citizens, including members of the Islamic religion, and he expressed hope that the civil sector will do its best to work even harder on dealing with the past and activism and criticism in general. The importance of the Center was also welcomed by Ms. Nerma Dobardžić, who emphasized the intention of Ombudsman to continue good cooperation, as before.

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