The Youth Initiative for Human Rights, as part of the “Tolerance in Action” project funded by the Fund for the Protection and Realization of Minority Rights, successfully organized an inspiring live library activity titled “The Book of Diversity – Understanding Through Stories.” This event took place at a high school in Tuzi, where three exceptional speakers shared their personal stories and experiences, exploring the themes of tolerance, interculturalism, and hate speech.

The activity brought together over twenty (20) high school students who, after deeply emotional stories, had the opportunity to ask questions and delve deeper into understanding the meaning of discrimination on a personal level. The main goal of these workshops was to familiarize the participants with concepts that are part of our daily lives and explain their significance through personal stories. A particular focus was to show participants that everyone is susceptible to discrimination, both as a potential source and as potential victims, often unaware of it.

These workshops allowed participants to gain a deeper understanding of the universal values of tolerance and diversity and to recognize the importance of overcoming prejudices and stereotypes. Internalized needs for divisions and a sense of belonging that often arise were an important part of the discussion, providing participants with insight into the complexity of the human mind and social dynamics.

The Youth Initiative for Human Rights expresses gratitude to all participants and speakers who contributed to the success of this important activity. We continue our dedicated work to promote tolerance and understanding in our society, firmly believing that education is key to building a more inclusive and better environment for all.

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