Project Free Legal Aid to Marginalized Groups in Montenegro

Free legal aid is the system of providing legal aid to persons who are not financially supported to pay expenses of resolving legal problems, including judiciary expenses.

In the frame of mentioned program, special attention has been devoted to providing free legal aid to representatives of Roma population, women as victims of violence, victims of police torture, cases of politically motivated violence, victims of discrimination, and other marginalized groups. As there is no institutionalized system of providing free legal aid until adoption of Law on free legal aid, whose drafting is in course, Youth Initiative for Human Rights (YIHR), since the beginning of 2009, has started providing free legal aid to marginalized groups in cases of violation their rights. Also, SOS phone line has been opened, thus, victims of violation of human rights receive free legal aid.

Since YIHR has started providing free legal aid, large number of free legal advice has been delivered, and we represented before the court 15 cases.


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