Civic Alliance – United for Better Society

Following the years of wars and dissolution of former state organization, transitional changes of our public administration and judicial system have often been associated with complicated and inefficient procedures, lack of transparency and accountability towards the ordinary citizens as the primary beneficiaries of their services. For almost a decade, activists of YIHR and 35mm have been supporting citizens in defending their civil and human rights, assisting them in overcoming the problems of poor institutional cooperation and inappropriate interpretation of legal norms as well as tardiness and lack of responsibility of individual civil servants.

We have supported, protected and strengthened information flow between citizens and institutions, providing them with free legal aid and promoting their rights through targeted media advocacy activities. We have scrutinized the efficiency and transparency of public services towards the common citizens and especially marginalized groups. We have informed, sensitized and raised awareness of public and decision makers about human rights, citizenship, and accountability of government and efficiency of its institutions. We have built capacities of civil society representatives, politicians and journalists and promoted their networking.

Our societies are overflown with well-spoken but not practiced concepts of citizens’ courage, civic action, public interest, citizens’ and government’s responsibility, respect and reinforcement of human and citizens’ rights, civic values, accountability of elected representatives, sustainable and responsible use of resources.  We are determined to make those concepts reality. Therefore, 35mm and YIHR have decided to unite expertize, programs and all other assets into


Through the merger of two well established NGOs in Civic Alliance, we intend to intensify our work in supporting the rights of individual citizens towards the state system. In addition, Civic Alliance will enhance the monitoring of judicial bodies and public administration on national and municipal level. We will work in strengthening the interaction between the citizens and public bodies, through active public advocacy and constructive critical approach.

As Civic Alliance we want to properly and efficiently contribute to establishment of vibrant civil society based upon the principles of Democracy, Human Rights and Rule of Law. We will also cooperate and network with similar organizations from region, given the common features of once unified cultural space, burdened with similar transitional problems and with joint European perspective.  We remain open for individuals and organizations.

Now, we are looking into future and we hope you will share our enthusiasm for this joint endeavor. Help us make Civic Alliance a power to count on.

Podgorica, 3.10.2011.

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