Training in Podgorica

Partner organization YIHRMNE, ARCT, YIHRSR and IRCT organize from 11 until 13 February the training named „Monitoring of facilities for deprivation of liberty conducted by civil society“ as the activity envisaged by the project „Building free of torture and impunity societies in Western Balkan“, supported by the EU. The training takes place in Human Resources Management Authoruty in Jovana Tomasevica street, no.2A.

The training will be facilitated by the expert George Tugushi, member of CPT. Training participants will be NGO representatives who participate in implementation of the project. During the training, the focus will be on international standards and challenges of monitoring, the role of organizations of civil society and capacities and practice of NPM in countries of Balkan and the EU.

Civil society organizations will start monitoring visits to prison systems in their countries after the training.

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