Edina Hasanaga Čobaj, President of the Board, (1980) is from Ulcinj. She finished the pedagogical studies at the Faculty of Philosophy in Nikšić. During the studies, she also finished at the same time a university course Leadership and Youth Work, accredited by the Faculty of Communication in Jonkoping, Sweden. Edina is a trainer of a non-violent communication and she held several training in nonviolent communication with young activists and professors. She is one of the authors of a number of Reports on Human Rights published in Montenegro and documentaries on human rights. During her years long work in NGO sector, Edina received years-long experience in planning, and financial and administrative project managing.

At one time, she worked with children with disabilities. She likes swimming. With her husband Bernard she has a son Din and a daughter Era.

Aleksandra Vukcevic, Program Director, (1993), is from Podgorica. She graduated from the Law Faculty of the University of Montenegro. During the period of studies, she was an active member of ELSE, an international organization of law students.

She is Program Director at the Youth Initiative for Human Rights, a member of the Civic Alliance, where she gained experience and knowledge on war crimes in the former Yugoslavia, as well as dealing with the past.  Aleksandra coordinated regional and national projects in the areas of human and minority rights, youth rights, refugee rights and asylum seekers.

She is also engaged in providing free legal assistance to foreigners in the process of obtaining international protection and to persons in integration. Part of the work also involves visiting and monitoring the situation at the borders, ie the migrant route passing through Montenegro.

Since the beginning of work with migrants and refugees, she has been monitoring the situation regarding trafficking in human beings, which is a common situation among this population.

Aleksandra assisted with projects concerning the work of the judiciary in Montenegro, conducting interjudge surveys, monitoring the courts regarding respect for the right to a fair trial and prosecuting authorities.

She also worked on projects related to the use of minority languages ​​in official use; participated in the writing of criminal charges for cases of grave human rights violations as well as the provision of free legal aid for victims of torture; monitored media reporting on the EU integration process, monitored closed institutions where prisoners were detained, as well as conditions in which they were staying.

She attended the School of Human Rights, the School of Business Management, the School of Political Studies, as well as numerous seminars in the field of human rights and media, asylum and migration training, etc.

Aleksandra is a member of the Working Group on Negotiation Chapter 24 since September 2019 as a representative of NGO Civic Alliance.

Aleksandra is a member of Rule of Law Council, as a representative of the Civic Alliance.

Amina Murić, Deputy Executive Director, is from Rožaje. She graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Nikšić, Department for English Language and Literature. Since 2018, she has been a Master’s student at the Faculty of Foreign Languages, University Mediterranean in Podgorica. She worked in the Railway Transport of Montenegro for 10 years, where she was engaged in the following positions: English Language Translator/Interpreter, Associate in International Projects and PR Manager. As a PR manager, she was in charge of corporate public relations, announcements, communications, as well as appearance and presentation of the company website. S Since April 2019 she has been engaged as a teaching assistant in the courses Business English in Studies of I, II and III years at the Faculty of Tourism of University Mediterranean. During her professional career, she has also worked as a Project Assistant on several projects funded by international institutions such as the World Bank, European Union and EBRD.

She loves movies, biking and travelling.

Members of assembly:

  • Jelena Vukoslavović
  • Zoran Zola Vujačić
  • Meliha Muric
  • Pavle Cupic
  • Milos Mitric
  • Aleksandra Srbljanovic
  • Almir Causevic