Human rights monitoring involves researching and documenting human rights violations, as well as its processing before competent courts. Goal of all activities undertaken in this program is protecting victims of human rights violations and establishing the rule of law. The focus of the research are cases of police torture, politically motivated violence, discrimination and minority rights. When it comes to police torture and politically motivated violence, in addition to researching and documenting torture cases, the Initiative provides legal protection for victims. The Initiative informs the public about the extent of human rights violations in the area of torture by periodic reports and, where appropriate, public statements, thus protecting the victims of torture themselves. Some of the transitional laws that have been enacted in the region in recent years contain mechanisms that serve to exercise and protection of human rights. By monitoring the extent to which these mechanisms are put into practice, the Initiative seeks to determine which of these mechanisms function and whose implementation has not come to completion. In this way, clear conclusions can be made about punishment, that is, impunity for human rights violations. Public bodies are under pressure to amend certain laws with more adequate solutions.

The Initiative has so far published dozens of human rights reports, with special reference to rights of minority population in Montenegro, discrimination against them, victims of torture and similar.