Program of protection of human rights includes monitoring, research, and documenting violation of human rights and their processing before competent courts. All activities undertaken in this program have the aim to protect victims of human rights violation and establishing the rule of law. Focus of the research are cases of political torture, politically motivate violence, discrimination and minority rights.

Considering police torture, and politically motivate violence, besides researching and documenting cases of torture, the Initiative provides legal protection to victims. The Initiative informs public on the level of human rights violation in the domain of torture via periodic reports, and public statements, when necessary, protecting in that manner the very victims of torture.

Some of transitional laws that have been adopted last years in the region contain mechanisms which serve to exercising and protecting human rights. Through monitoring of level of enforcement of these mechanisms in practice, the Initiative wants to define which of these mechanisms function, and whose enforcement has not began to live. In that manner, clear conclusions may be adopted on punishment of non-punishment for human rights violation. National bodies are being under pressure in that direction, in a view of amendments of some laws with more adequate solutions.