Youth Initiative for Human Right – Montenegro (YIHR) is non-governmental and non-profit organization, whose work is based on conviction that human rights and civil values represent the basis of open and advanced society to which we all strive. The mission of the Initiative is to contribute to development of the society in Montenegro actively and qualitatively, through the net of cooperation with its partner organizations, and development of the Western Balkan region.

In its operations, the Initiative is dedicated to protection of victims of violation of human rights, to promotion of the rule of law, and promotion of democratic political culture.


The Initiative mandate in Montenegro includes activities which are aimed at:
1) Research, monitoring and documenting violation of human rights,
2) Providing free legal aid to the victims of violation of human rights and public representation aimed at improvement of victims position,
3) Education and development of capacities of target groups, especially active young persons, through educational programs
4) Regional cooperation