One of the primary goals of Youth Initiative for Human Rights is to empower young people to work on promotion and protection of human rights and democratic principles.

Young people represent an important category of society, and it is up to them to participate in resolving of significant issues, and to participate in decision-making processes at the local and the national level as well, as they are the future bearers of change.

Youth activism brings the new skills and knowledge, but also contacts that can help them build their careers.

The initiative involves young people as target groups through their programs. We also raise awareness about the importance of their participation, and inform young people about the work of institutions and organizations in the fields of: employment, education, decision making, community development and policy making, health, culture and youth policy; and according to the given topics, many of them had the opportunity to visit various nongovernmental organizations, local organizations and local institutions in order to get acquainted with their work.

Projects we regionally do with YIHR offices also involve exchange of youth.