The Youth Initiative for Human Rights successfully implemented a two-day seminar aimed at contributing to breaking prejudices, developing dialogue and respect and tolerance among high school students, and suppressing hate speech.
During the 17th and 18th of June, the seminar brought together young people from different municipalities in the north of Montenegro, who had the opportunity to express their opinions and gain new knowledge through informal socializing in a natural environment.

During the seminar, high school students participated in interactive lectures on the topics of tolerance, hate speech, freedom of speech and multiculturalism, and to apply the newly acquired knowledge through various activities. This dynamic and participative methodology enabled the participants to actively get involved, express their views and exchange ideas.

The participants learned about effective ways of prevention, as well as ways of reacting to hate speech, such as supporting victims of hate speech, confronting the authors of such speech, and adequately reporting these cases. We ended the seminar with a tour of the natural beauty of the surroundings of Gusinje and Lake Plav.

We announce that a second seminar will be held soon, where we will continue our work on improving the acquired knowledge and skills of the participants. We expect that young people will transfer their experiences and knowledge to their peers and environment, and contribute to the development of a strong, inclusive and tolerant community.

The activity is realized within the project “Tolerance in Action”, supported by the Fund for the Protection and Realization of Minority Rights.

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