The Youth Initiative for Human Rights (YIHR) encourages youth with a particular interest in
the Yugoslav Wars of the 1990s to apply for participation in the School of Transitional Justice,
which will be held at the end of October.
The School’s program will include familiarization with the concept of transitional justice,
informing about the facts established during the judicial proceedings on war crimes committed
on the territory of the former Yugoslavia during the 1990s, with a special emphasis on the
conduct of court proceedings in Montenegro, and the extrajudicial fact-finding mechanisms,
commemorative initiatives, and visits to sites of suffering. We will explore the application of
political theories, historical narratives and their influence on the formation of the perception of
the past, the process of dealing with the past and its challenges, as well as the reconciliation in
Montenegro and the region.
The School will be organized in the form of seminars and interactive workshops, led by experts
in the field protection of human rights, and dealing with the past.
The School is intended for undergraduate and postgraduate students, civil society activists,
young professionals working in state administration, members of political parties, journalists,
artists, and all other young people who are interested in acquiring and expanding their
knowledge on the wars in the former Yugoslavia.
We invite all prospective participants to apply by October 10, 2023, by sending their CV and
a short motivation letter to the e-mail address
This activity is carried out with the financial support of the Embassy of Luxembourg.

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